Using-pvc-pipe-to-hang-icle-lights-from-gutters, dec 2, 2014 - using pvc to hang christmas lights, quick and easy set up in future years.. Create a watering system for plants by drill holes in 1/2" in pvc pipe and attaching to your sprinkler system. this is a very cheap way to water your garden. you can adjust the flow of water and ..., i'm planning to use the grey electrical pvc pipe to mount my pixel strips which are encased in the waterproof silicon tube (ray wu). what's the best way to neatly attach the strips without sags or twists? i tried to use a cable tie on each end and then hot glue the length, but the strip is peeling. i'm a little leery of cable ties along the length and having pressure on the strip..

For a full tutorial visit: $5.00 the lazy way to hang christmas lights on the gutter no ladder needed - laderlless light clips - duration: 3:48. cbatilo 67,826 views, how to put christmas lights around windows without nails or glue\ i show you how to make a christmas lights holder to hold christmas lights for windows and doors. we use 1/2" pvc piping to make .... Please note – you’ll find the links to the products from this article at the end of the text. putting up christmas lights kinda sucks. it’s a pain that we have to deal with every year but i love christmas and think it’s worth doing.