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Post-and-beam-lumber, post and beam products . all post and beam products options are available in a variety of grades ranging from vertical grain clear to utility. bcl can offer any size beams you may need. 1" to 36" in thickness / width and 50' in length.. For technical information on douglas fir see this page, or the fir species page for more general info. bear creek lumber can provide you with a variety of post and beam material in any size needed. all beams are available, in any size, f.o.h.c. (free of heart center), select structural, #1 & better, #2 & better ., post and beam framing. post and beam, in contrast to timber framing, has a distinct look that provides a more industrial appeal. this method of framing also uses heavy timbers, however the connections are much less complicated; fasteners in the form of metal screws, bolts and plates are used to connect the timber pieces..

Post and beams are used in construction that joins vertical and horizontal timbers together to create the structure of a building. the art of timber framing, mastered in europe many centuries before the first europeans ever settled in america, has seen a revival in recent years in the united states. everhart is pleased to offer post and beams in numerous types of woods., post and beam framing is more simple – and actually an older style – with main carrying members (bents or lintels) supporting joists and rafters that are notched in to the beams. stonehenge is the perfect example of post and beam construction using stone instead of timber..

Poles can also be used to support post and beam structures, with the end of the pole extending into the ground to act as a pile., ered lumber eastside decking austin tx power beam anthony forest s co anthony power beams coastal forest s rosboro x beam glulam superior ered wood s special order ered lumber ….

Is one of the most commonly used timbers in the construction industry in the northeast. the soft, lightweight wood is easily worked, displays remarkable durability and swells and shrinks with moisture content changes much less than other woods., lamore lumber designs and builds post and beam sheds, garages, barns and other structures. built on site by bill lamore.. All orders require 50% deposit. balance is due upon order completion. **we can expedite orders for a 10% emergency service charge. any rush order that is not picked up when specified will be subject to an additional 5% service charge**